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Special Issue October 2008

Title: A Simulation Modelling-Based Investigation of the Impact of IT
Infrastructure on Business Process Reengineering
Authors: Innocent Baguma, Joseph K. Ssewanyana
Published: IJCIR Special Issue October 2008, PP. 8-20
Language: English

The literature on business process reengineering (BPR) has promoted business process reengineering as an essential element in helping organizations to achieve their goals. The literature has further claimed that Information Technology (IT) is a major enabler of business process reengineering. Despite all these claims, there has been hardly any effort to demonstrate the interrelationship between business process and information technology infrastructure, and which modeling technique can be used to demonstrate the relationship. This paper investigates how simulation modeling can demonstrate the impact of IT infrastructure on business process. The dynamic synthesis methodology is used with data collected from five commercial banks. The same collected data is used to validate the model. The results indicate that network infrastructure and data integration were significantly related to the process improvement thrust, such that network infrastructure is critical in improving business processes and enhancing customer service.View full Article

General Terms: Modeling, Simulation, Business process reengineering Additional Key Words and Phrases: business process reengineering, simulation modeling, dynamic synthesis methodology, IT infrastructure and business process reengineering
Categories and Subject Descriptors: H [Information systems], H.1 Models and Principles, H.1.1 Systems and Information Theory – General system theory; I [Computing methodologies], I.6 Simulation and modeling, I.6.1 Simulation theory, I.6.4 Model validation and analysis, I.6.5 Model development, 1.6.6 Simulation output analysis