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Special Issue October 2008

Title: Facilitating Grass-Root Ngo’s Adoption of Information Systems and Information Communication Technologies
Authors: Kathy Lynch, Stacey Lynch, Festus Bazaira
Published: IJCIR Special Issue October 2008, PP. 35-41
Language: English

Increasingly, information and communication technologies (ICTs) are being employed to share, generate and analyse information. In response to their decreasing cost, an increase in accessibility, and an increase in the adoption of modern ICTs across the globe, nongovernment organizations (NGOs) in developing countries are not only welcoming these technologies into their communities, but are
using them to connect to resources outside their communities. On the lowest rung of a country’s organizational ladder, are grass-root NGOs; these small organizations are often the life line for isolated communities, and it is through them, developing countries are making progress – both economically and socially, towards advancing a country’s development. This paper presents a pilot project that explored the adoption of information technology by a small grass-root NGO in Uganda. We found the adoption of an easy to use information system together with skills training in the use of the information system and communication technologies opened up opportunities, pride and professionalism in the NGO, with a flow on effect to the people within the communities they serve. The paper concludes with several guidelines that could be followed when facilitating the adoption of ICT by organisations in developing countries.View full Article

Key Words and Phrases: Information systems, ICT, non-government organisations
Category: H.4 Information Systems Applications