Current Issue - DECEMBER 2017 Volume 11 Issue 2

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Special Issue October 2009

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Author(s) Title Pages
Joseph M. Kizza Technology and Academic Dishonesty – Part I: A Focus on Students |Abstract|Full-Text|  

Philip O Ayoo,
Jude T Lubega

A Requirements Analysis Framework for Human Activity Systems (HAS): The Case of Online Learning |Abstract|Full-Text| 12-25

Hannah Thinyane

Sim or Application Layer? An Implementation-Level Analysis on the Use of Mobile Phones for ICT Development |Abstract|Full-Text| 26-32

Jörg Tiedemann,
Peter Nabende

Translating Transliterations |Abstract|Full-Text| 33-41

Aramanzan Madanda,
Dorothy Okello,
Grace Bantebya – Kyomuhendo

A Gender Critique of Uganda’s Rural ICT Access Policy: Opportunities and Challenges |Abstract|Full-Text| 42-52

Gilbert Maiga,
Ddembe Williams

A Flexible Biomedical Ontology Selection Tool |Abstract|Full-Text| 53-66

Richard Ssekibuule,
Jose Ghislain Quenum

Security Analysis of an Agent-Mediated Book Trading Application |Abstract|Full-Text| 67-76

Grace Bakaki,
Idris A. Rai

Measurement and Analysis of Copper Access Network for Isdn Basic Rate Interface |Abstract|Full-Text| 77-82
Jean Greyling
Developing a Set of Requirements for Algorithm Animation Systems |Abstract|Full-Text| 83-89