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Special Issue October 2009

Title: Technology and Academic Dishonesty – Part I: A Focus on Students

Joseph M. Kizza

Published: IJCIR Vol 3(1)Special Issue October 2009, PP. 12-25
Language: English

The task of designing information systems is clearly interdisciplinary, since it requires domain knowledge in business process development within the social environment, and the processes management of technological applications. This paper explains e-learning as a human activity system, which requires soft
methodologies that deal with the analysis of evolving and ill-defined needs, as well as traditional hard approaches to the design of physical solutions to meet those needs. Consequently, a requirements analysis framework is proposed for constructivist online learning systems in which soft systems thinking is
integrated as the essential strategy of requirements elicitation and analysis. This framework is capable of capturing both the formal and informal, as well as the hard and soft aspects of the requirements within a social environment.

Keywords: systems thinking, information systems, requirements analysis, soft systems methodology, human activity systems, e-learning requirements analysis.View full Article