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Special Issue October 2009

Title: Sim or Application Layer? An Implementation-Level Analysis on the Use of Mobile Phones for ICT Development
Authors: Hannah Thinyane
Published: IJCIR Vol3(1)Special Issue October 2009, PP. 26-32
Language: English

In recent years, mobile phones have started to become popular in their use as a platform for ICT based development projects. This paper provides an implementation level analysis on the use of SIM card programming and application layer programming. This is a particularly important consideration when the program is to be run in developing nations due to the older handsets that are frequently used. The paper describes the ramifications that each layer would have on the application that is created, in particular in the context of developing nations. It then describes a case study of a development project where we have implemented two such applications, illustrating the principles described in the paper.

Categories and Subject Descriptors: K.4 [Computers and Society]: General; K.4.2 [Computing and Society]: Social; K.4.4 [Computers and Society]: Electronic Commerce General Terms: Design, Experimentation, Human Factors Additional Key Words and Phrases: mobile phone, SIM based application, development..View full Article