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Special Issue October 2009

Title: Measurement and Analysis of Copper Access Network for Isdn Basic Rate Interface
Authors: Grace Bakaki and Idris A. Rai
Published: IJCIR Vol3(1)Special Issue October 2009, PP. 77-82
Language: English

Improper combination of copper pair properties like gauge, longitudinal balance, loop resistance, insulation resistance and distance for Integrated Services Digital Network Basic Rate Interface (ISDN BRI) leads to users experiencing connectivity problems and fluctuating link speeds. Installations, configurations, troubleshooting and maintenance of ISDN BRI services can be very complex to the technical team of the service provider. There may be many reasons causing this in developing countries. Troubleshooting at Uganda telecom, for instance, has been cumbersome due to the absence of manuals that guide technicians on proper installation of copper lines.

In this paper, we report measurements study to analyze and asses the impact of the copper pair parameters/properties combination to the copper line speeds. The study aimed at simplifying the installations, configurations, troubleshooting and maintenance of the ISDN BRI services on the side of the technical people. This was achieved by taking measurements at different parameters (distance, gauge, longitudinal balance, loop resistance, and insulation resistance) in order to come up with optimal values for the design of the computer based program for optimization of data connectivity in ISDN BRI. We use the measurement results to design and develop a computer based program that can be used to verify the measurements and identify the expected optimal parameters in troubleshooting.View full Article