Current Issue - DECEMBER 2017 Volume 11 Issue 2

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Special Issue October 2010

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Janet L.W., William B Using Context-awareness to Support Adaptive Multimodal Mobile Notification |Abstract | Full-Text| 11-19
Jean V., Magda H. Investigating E-government Knowledge Base Ontology Supporting Development Projects Monitoring in Sub Saharan Africa|Abstract | Full-Text| 20-29

Ernest M.,John Q

Finding Predictive Relationships between Notifiable Diseases with Markov Blanket Discovery |Abstract |Full-Text| 30-36
Paul B., Jude T. L., Kathy L. Mobile Learning Objects Deployment and Utilization in Developing Countries |Abstract |Full-Text| 37-46
Darelle van Greunen, Alta van Der Merwe & Paula Kotze. Factors Influencing BPM Tools: The Influence on User Experience and User Interfaces |Abstract |Full-Text| 47-57
Fridah K.,Thomas H. Fsm2 and the Morphological Analysis of Bantu Nouns – First Experiences from Runyakitara |Abstract |Full-Text| 58-69
Ruth M. M., Idris .A.Rai. An Integrated Victim-based Approach against IP Packet Flooding Denial of Service |Abstract |Full-Text| 70-80
Joseph M. Kizza, Lindsay Bramlett and Elizabeth Morgan. Using Subgraph Isomorphism as a Zero Knowledge Proof Authentication in Timed Wireless Mobile Networks |Abstract |Full-Text| 81-91