Current Issue - DECEMBER 2017 Volume 11 Issue 2

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Special Issue December 2011

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Author(s) Title Pages
Joseph M. Kizza After the 7th International Conference of Computing and ICT Research | Full-Text|  
Ssanyu ,Jackline and Hemerick, Kees Component-based Development of Software Language Engineering Tools |Abstract | Full-Text| 11-19

Kanagwa, Benjamin and Lumaala, Agnes F.N

Discovery of Services Based on WSDL Tag Level Combination of Distance Measures |Abstract | Full-Text| 20-29

Zawedde, Aminah

Building a Case for a Dynamic Requirements Process Improvement Model |Abstract |Full-Text| 30-36
Kalema, M. Billy, Olugbara O. Oludayo and Kekwaletswe M. Ray The Application of Structural Equation Modeling Technique to Analyse Students Priorities in Using Course Management Systems |Abstract |Full-Text| 37-46
Butgereit Laurie, Coetzee Louis, Hay John, Hugo Johann, Gush Kim RSAWORK: Things That “Tweet” in South Africa |Abstract |Full-Text| 47-57
Lubega T. Jude, Omona Walter and Van der Weide, Theo Knowledge Management Technologies and Higher Education Processes: Approach to Integration for Performance Improvement |Abstract |Full-Text| 58-69
Sam, Agona and Sansa Otim, Julliane Readiness of Uganda for Analog to Digital Migration by December, 2012 |Abstract |Full-Text| 70-80
Ngobye, Martin; Kanagwa, Benjamin; Van Der Weide, Theo and De Groot, T. Wouter An Approach for Agent-Based Modeling Using AiC+ |Abstract |Full-Text| 81-91