Current Issue - DECEMBER 2017 Volume 11 Issue 2

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Volume 1 (1) 2007

Author(s) Title Pages
Kizza, J.M. IJCIR: A New Beacon of African ICT Research |Abstract|Full-Text| 7-8
Dalvit, L., Muyingi H., Terzoli, A. & Thinyane, M. The Deployment of an e-Commerce Platform and Related Projects in a Rural Area in South Africa |Abstract|Full-Text| 9-17
Kitoogo, F.E. & Baryamureeba, V. A Methodology for Feature Selection in Named Entity Recognition|Abstract|Full-Text| 18-26
Wanyama, T. Subscriber Mobility Modeling in Wireless Networks|Abstract|Full-Text| 27-35
Rwangoga, N.T, & Asiime, P.B. E-government for Uganda: Challenges and Opportunities|Abstract|Full-Text| 36-46
Baryamureeba, V. ICT as an Engine for Ugandaís Economic Growth: The Role of and Opportunities for Makerere University|Abstract|Full-Text| 47-57
Wanyama, T. & Baryamureeba, V. The Role of Academia in Fostering Private Sector Competitiveness in ICT Development|Abstract|Full-Text| 58-67
Sansa, J., Szomoru, A. & Van Der Hulst, J.M. An Evaluation Study of Data Transport Protocols for e-VLBI|Abstract|Full-Text| 68-75
Ayalew, Y. A User-Centered Approach for Testing Spreadsheets|Abstract|Full-Text| 76-84
Muhirwe, J. Computational Analysis of Kinyarwanda Morphology: The Morphological Alternations.|Abstract|Full-Text| 85-92