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Volume 1 (1) 2007

Title:Subscriber Mobility Modeling in Wireless Networks
Authors: Tom Wanyama
Published: ©IJCIR Vol1 (1) 2007, PP. 27-35
Language: English

In this paper, a simplified model for user mobility behavior for wireless networks is developed. The model takes into account speed and direction of motion, the two major characteristics of user mobility. A user mobility simulation based on the model is developed, and its results are compared with those in published work. The transient performance metrics of a mobile network are analyzed in terms of trajectory prediction, mean location update rate, and new/handoff call residence time distribution. The proposed mobility model yields results that match very well with those obtained from previously reported complex mobility models. View full Article

General Terms: Wireless-Networks, Service Area, Location Area, Cell, Wireless Communication Additional Key Words and Phrases: Mobility-Management, Location-updating, Handoff.
Categories and Subject Descriptors: G.3 [Probability and Statistics]: — Experimental design, Random number generation, Stochastic processes; I.6.8. [Simulation and Modeling]— Types of Simulation— Monte Carlo; K.4.m. [Miscellaneous]—Mobility—wireless networks