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Volume 1 (1) 2007

Title:ICT as an Engine for Uganda’s Economic Growth: The Role of and Opportunities for Makerere University
Authors: Venansius Baryamureeba
Published: ©IJCIR Vol1 (1) 2007, PP. 47-57
Language: English

The use of Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) to improve how goods are produced and services are delivered is a feature of everyday life in developed countries. If ICT is used appropriately, it has the potential to vastly improve productivity. Thus the issue for developing and least developed countries is how best to use ICT to achieve development objectives, given the operating constraints in these countries. The constraints are mainly lack of infrastructure and human capacity. It is now a known fact that ICT infrastructure readiness without adequate skilled ICT human capacity cannot lead to economic growth. In this paper we discuss the role of Makerere University and suggest opportunities for Makerere University in this area of ICT led –economic growth of Uganda. View full Article

General Terms: Information and communication technology, economic growth, human development, sustainable development, development indicators
Additional Key Words and Phrases: economic development indicators, human development indicators
Categories and Subject Descriptors:J.1 [Computer Applications]: Administrative Data Processing-- Business, education, marketing; K.3.1 [Computers and Education]: Computer Uses in Education—collaborative learning, distance learning; K.3.2 [Computers and Education]: Computer and Information Science education—Literacy; K.4.2. [Computers and Society]—Social Issues—employment; K.4.3. [Computers and Society]—Organizational Impacts—employment.