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Volume 1 (1) 2007

Title:An Evaluation Study of Data Transport Protocols for e-VLBI
Authors: Julianne Sansa, Arpad Szomoru and J.M.Van Der Hulst
Published:©IJCIR Vol1 (1) 2007, PP. 68-75
Language: English

This paper compares TCP-like data transport algorithms in the light of e-VLBI requirements and proposes HTCP with bandwidth estimation (HTCP-BE) as a suitable candidate by simulating its behaviour in comparison with seven existing TCP variants; HighSpeed TCP for large Congestion Window (HSTCP), Scalable TCP (STCP), Binary Increase TCP (BIC), Cubic TCP (CUBICTCP), TCP for Highspeed and long-distance networks (HTCP), TCP Westwood+ (TCPW) and standard TCP (TCP). Using average throughput efficiency and stability as the performance metrics we show that HTCP-BE better suits e-VLBI needs than any of the other seven protocols in environments with random background traffic. View full Article

General Terms: Data Transport Protocols, Network Performance.
Additional Key Words and Phrases: e-VLBI, Radio Astronomy
Categories and Subject Descriptors: C.2.2 [Computer-Communication Networks]: Network ProtocolsóProtocol verification; C.2.5 [Computer-Communication Networks]: Local and Wide-Area NetworksóInternet