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Volume 1 (2) 2007

Title:Congestion Controlled Anonymous Gossip: A Scalable Method For Providing Probabilistic Gaurantees To Multicast Reliability In Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks.
Authors: Onifade F.W. Olufade, Longe O. Babatope, Akanmu A. Samson.
Published: ©IJCIR Vol1 (2) 2007, PP. 42-49
Language: English

The use of contention-based Medium Access Control (MAC) protocols combined with hidden terminal problems make ad-hoc networks much more sensitive to load and congestion than wired networks or even wireless cellular networks. In such an environment, multicast reliability cannot be achieved solely by retransmission of lost packets as is typically done in wired networks. In order to achieve multicast reliability in such networks, we must consider jointly two components: reliability and congestion control. Many multicast protocols approach the problem of multicast in ad-hoc networks by building and maintaining multicast trees or meshes to establish connectivity among group members. However, these protocols do not attempt to ensure packet delivery and packet loss is a problem during mesh / tree reconfiguration, a frequent repair activity. Further, the number of packets received by different members of a group results into high variation with some members receiving very few packets while others receive almost all the packets even though the network may not be partitioned at that time. In this paper, Congestion Controlled Anonymous Gossip (CCAG) protocol is proposed to improve reliable packet delivery in ad-hoc networks and decrease the variation in the number of packets received by different nodes. The research attempts to address the issues of reliability, low end-to-end delay, control overhead and packet delivery in mobile ad-hoc networks. View full Article

General Terms: Multicast, Control, Packets, Nodes, Wireless, Protocols
Additional Key Words and Phrases: Congestion Controlled Anonymous Gossip Ad-hoc Networks
Categories and Subject Descriptors: C.2 [Computer-Communication Networks] C.2.1 Wireless communication. C.2.2 Routing protocols