Current Issue - DECEMBER 2017 Volume 11 Issue 2

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Volume 10 (2) 2016

ISSN 1818-1139 (PRINT),
ISSN 1996-1065 (ONLINE)
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Prof. Joseph M. Kizza

Can Implementing Smart City Technologies Save the African Cities? – Part 2 |Full-Text| 6-8
Maduhu Mshangi, Edephonce Ngemera Nfuka, Camilius Sanga Designing Secure Web and Mobile-Based Information System for Dissemination of Students’ Examination Results: The Suitability of Soft Design Science Methodology |Full-Text| 9-18

Fredy Timothy Mlyavidoga Kilima, Alfred S. Sife and Camilius Sanga

Factors Underlying the Choice of Information and Communication Technologies among Small holder Farmers in Tanzania |Full-Text| 19-31
Mlozi, M.R.S., Mussa, M., Mapunda, K.M., 1Kalungwizi, V.J., Mwakapina,W. J., Tumbo,
S. D. & Sanga, C
Unlocking the Potential of the Mobile Phones by University Undergraduate Students: a case of Sokoine University of Agriculture |Full-Text| 32-40
Eliamani Sedoyeka. Tanzanians Online – Current Trends 2016 |Full-Text| 41-60