Current Issue - DECEMBER 2017 Volume 11 Issue 2

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Volume 11 (2) 2017

ISSN 1818-1139 (PRINT),
ISSN 1996-1065 (ONLINE)
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Author(s) Title Pages
Joseph M. Kizza
Blockchain Technology – Another Wonder Technology for Africa? |Full-Text| 5-13
Ndunagu J. N. and Iwuoha C. W Mathematical Modeling of a Robotic Based Vacuum Cleaning System
Answers from a Study of Teachers of Mathematical Disciplines in Universities in Uganda |Full-Text|

Aloysious N Luhamya; Fred E K Bakkabulindi; Paul B Muyinda

Using the Theory of Planned Behaviour to Explain the Integration of ICT in Teaching and Learning by Educators in Public Teacher Training Colleges in Tanzania |Full-Text| 32-52
Faki Ageebee Silas,Ibrahim Yakubu Aliyu, and Babatunde Jacob Peter Enhancing ATM Card Security Using 2-Factor Authentication by Hashing Customers Device Attribute | Full-Text| 53-64
Osuntade, F.M Ibraheem, T.O., Jimoh R.G Determinants of Computer Usage in Teaching/ Learning Process of Physical Education among Secondary School Teachers in Kwara State, Nigeria |Full-Text| 65-81
Eliamani Sedoyeka Telecommunication Developments in Tanzania - 2007 to 2016 |Full-Text| 82-99