Current Issue - DECEMBER 2017 Volume 11 Issue 2

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Volume 2 (1) 2008

Title:Staying the Course: The Steady Growth of the IJCIR
Authors: Joseph M. Kizza
Published: ©IJCIR Vol2(1) 2008, pp. 7-8
Language: English

It has been one year since we published the maiden issue of the International Journal of Computing and ICT Research (IJCIR). What a year it has been. Journals, especially academic journals are extremely difficult to sustain once they have started. This is because academic journals are rarely best sellers. They make little money, if at all, usually from either subscription and or advertising. Both of these sources depend on the credibility of the journal and the deep pockets of the founding institution. Without both of these together, it is difficult to grow an academic journal. In our case, however, we started without both of them. View full Article