Current Issue - DECEMBER 2017 Volume 11 Issue 2

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Volume2 (1) 2008

Title:Challenges Of Adaptive Elearning At Higher Learning Institutions: A Case Study In Tanzania
Authors: Vitalis Ndume*, F.N.Tilya and H.Twaakyondo
Published: ©IJCIR Vol2 (1) 2008, PP. 47-59
Language: English

This paper reports on the research conducted with the purpose of establishing the acceptance of eLearning, analyses the challenges of eLearning and designs an assistive tool for people with disability at higher learning institutions in Tanzania. The information was gathered through documentary review. Primary data was collected from a sample survey by means of structured questionnaires and interviews. Study population was carried out at higher learning institutions conducting eLeaning. The research identified several factors that challenge the implementation of adaptive eLearning at higher learning institutions. These include management support, methodology, technology, resource accessibility and availability, culture of education and learning styles, design of assistive tools, intellectual investment, and global business. It was concluded that eLearning is more highly accepted in higher learning institutions than in basic education. However, there are doubts about the certificates obtained from online courses. The factors that challenge implementation of eLearning are very interrelated in bringing the success or failure of eLearning projects. However, accessibility of resources of eLearning was found to affect disabled people more than normal person. View full Article

General Terms: Key words: eLearning, Adaptive Learning, Adaptive computing, eLectronic for Visual impairments, Learning Management System.