Current Issue - DECEMBER 2017 Volume 11 Issue 2

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Volume 3 (1) 2009

Title: Harnessing the Potentials of Internet Technology for Research and
Development among Undergraduates in Nigeria
Authors: Sanni M. , Awoleye O. M.,
Egbetokun A. A., Siyanbola W. O.*
Published: ©IJCIR Vol3(1) 2009, pp. 10-17
Language: English

This paper focuses on the potentials of the internet in facilitating research in Nigerian universities. We assess the readiness of undergraduates in Nigerian tertiary institutions to deploy the internet for research purposes. The data provides evidences on the capacities and capabilities of the existing facilities, human resources and the readiness of the entire stakeholders to use internet facilities for research and development. We observe that there is a gender difference in internet use and thus
adequate attention should be paid to ensuring equal access between male and female students. The study also establishes that the present level of capabilities for internet-assisted research is encouraging and that improving internet facilities in our universities will enhance academic research in Nigerian tertiary institutions if strategically embarked upon. The study reveals, contrary to expectations, that access to personal computers has little to do with students’ readiness for internet-assisted research. Specific policy implications are drawn for relevant stakeholders.View full Article