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Volume 3 (1) 2009

Title: Using PDE’s for Noise Reduction in Time Series
Authors: Mohsen Nikpour & Ehsan Nadernejad*, Hossein Ashtiani,
Hamid Hassanpour
Published: ©IJCIR Vol3(1) 2009, pp. 42-48
Language: English

Information technology has opened the “four” corners of the world and Africa has more than benefited from the new technology probably more than usual. Where libraries would not be able to acquire new books and journals, electronic databases have tended to solve this problem a little bit especially for researchers. The Internet itself has enabled aspiring students that would have been unable to find books, papers, and numerous other scholastic materials get access to them. Every time I visit Africa, I am amazed by the exuberance and the enthusiasm the Internet, the Web and wireless technology have brought to the people, especially the youth, on the continent. What I have observed is that there are more young people on the African continent interested in technology, especially information technology, than what I normally see in North American. In fact enrollment in engineering and information related disciplines like computer science, in North America, has been on a steep decline in the last few years. View full Article