Current Issue - DECEMBER 2017 Volume 11 Issue 2

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Volume 3 (2) 2009

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Joseph M. Kizza

Technology and Academic Dishonesty – Part II: A Focus on Academicians and Other Researchers. |Abstract|Full-Text| 7-11

Taruna Shalini Ramessur

E-Governance and Online Public Service: The Case of a Cyber Island |Abstract|Full-Text| 12-19

Adebowale, O.F,
Adediwura, A.A,
Bada, T. A

Correlates of Computer Attitude among Secondary School Students in Lagos State, Nigeria |Abstract|Full-Text| 20-30

Lau Bee Theng & Hii Kiing Shi,
Low Tiong Kie

A Mobile Real Time Interactive Communication Assistant for Cerebral Palsy |Abstract|Full-Text| 31-40

M. Ahsan Chishti ,
Shaima Qureshi A. H.
MirShariq Haseeb,
Iftikhar Ahmad

Utilizing Semantic Web as Communication Protocol in Faded Information Field (FIF) Architecture for Information Retrieval and Dissemination |Abstract|Full-Text| 41-46

Olutola .M. Obembe,
Oloruntoba .S. Ogundele

An Information Databank Framework for the Health Care Industry inNigeria |Abstract|Full-Text| 47-57

Rekha B Venkatapur,
Dr. V.D.Mytri,
Dr. A.Damodaram

Effective Algorithm Using Similarity Based Technique for Browsing Image |Abstract|Full-Text| 57-64