Current Issue - DECEMBER 2017 Volume 11 Issue 2

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Volume 8 (2) 2014

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Prof. Joseph M. Kizza
The Straggling African University Needs a Critical Partner to Attain Its Place on the World Stage – Its Government | Abstract |Full-Text| 6-9
Olabode Olatubosun, Fasoranbaku Olusoga and Fagbuwagun Abayomi Diabetes Diagnosis with Maximum Covariance Weighted Resilience Back Propagation Procedure |Abstract |Full-Text| 10-21

Titus Tossy

Doing Classic Grounded Theory Methodology in Information Systems Research: How to Create and Sustain Transparency |Abstract |Full-Text| 22-31
Maduhu Mshangi, Edephonce Ngemera Nfuka, Camilius Sanga Using Soft Systems Methodology and Activity Theory to Exploit Security of Web Applications against Heartbleed Vulnerability |Abstract |Full-Text| 32-52
Pamela John Chogo  and Eliamani Sedoyeka Exploring Factors Affecting Mobile Money Adoption in Tanzania |Abstract |Full-Text| 53-64

Neema A. Kweka1 and Eliamani Sedoyeka

Labor Turnover in Tanzania – Telecom vs Banking Sectors |Abstract |Full-Text| 65-82
Titus Tossy Modeling the Adoption of Mobile Payment System for Paying Examination Fees in Tanzanian Major Cities |Abstract |Full-Text| 83-98